Employer Disability Solutions

Individual Disability Insurance can be offered through employer sponsorship at discounted premiums and preferred medical underwriting. These programs can be employer funded or completely voluntary for highly compensated employees to participate. Attracting and retaining highly compensated employees requires a unique focus on income protection offerings compared to traditional group insurance alone.  Learn how you can improve your benefits package strategically and cost-effectively.   


Employer Paid programs often require a 100% of eligible participants.


Voluntary programs often require a minimum 20% to 30% of eligible participants. No additional cost to the employer. 

Progam Design

Access to the Top Rated individual disability insurance carriers in the market gives us the ability to design a robust and cost-effective solution.


We partner with Employee Benefit advisors to help them add comprehensive disability income protection programs to their employer clients.


We will support the selection of the proper implementation strategy and communication to accomplish the highest participation and engagement.


Schedule time to discuss the goals, strategy, and budget for offering an individual disability program through an employer.

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