Voluntary Programs

Bridge the Gap in Your Benefits Package

 The employees within an organization are valuable resources. Those employees are also valuable resources to the families for which they work hard to provide. 


Using the purchasing power through an employer is a great way to enhance the individual disability income protection options available to highly compensated employees. 


It is also a great way to equalize, reward, and retain the best talent that an organization relies upon for its success. 

Human Capital



  • Limited Medical & Financial Underwriting

  • Unisex Premiums

  • Non-Cancellable and/or Guaranteed Renewable

  • Premium Discounts

  • Policy Portability

  • 30 Employee Minimum (20% to 30% Participation)

Material Submission

  • Employee Census

  • Employee Compensation Breakdown

  • Employer Group Disability Certificate

  • Employer Group Disability List Bill

Enrollment Options

  • Individualized App Kits 

  • Personalized Rates

  • Policy Information

  • Secure site protects privacy

  • Real-Time tracking throughout enrollment

  • Toll-Free or On-Line Chat function 

  • Enrollment Specialist

  • Voice Signature Authorization technology

  • Educational web and paper kits available

  • Instant Enrollment


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